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Custom Built Iron Furnishings Since 1999
Daniel De Vries
PO Box 594
Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba R0L 1S0 Canada
Call (204) 447-3116 email me at
for more information.
We are located near Ste. Rose du Lac in Manitoba, Canada.
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y name is Daniel De Vries. My family and I live on a farm near Ste. Rose du lac, Manitoba, Canada.
Growing up on the farm I've had ample opportunity to work with my hands and discover the joy of creating things.
Today I still farm for a living. Working with iron has grown to be both work and a pleasure for me. After a welding course, a small blacksmithing course, plus much personal study, ironwork has grown to be a business in addition to the family farm. My desire to do what I do with iron stems from my deeper desire to reflect the remnants of beauty in a sometimes ugly world.
Does that sound melodramatic? Let me put it this way.
I have a inward need to create things. Making things beautiful reminds me of how God is beautiful.